Could a study be done to measure pollution in towns and suburbs?

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asked the Naked Scientists:
   I would like to inquire if it's possible that we do some sort of experiment/ research about pollution in different urban areas in regard to the levels of pollution found mostly in townships and suburban areas relative to them. I would prefer if we can look at Orlando East and other areas in Soweto that can be identified as per response given by you. Suburban area is Houston and other areas in relation to this, I have always seen very high levels of pollution in the winter time but also because of the current levels of unemployment.

We also see the burning of fossil fuel frequently.

I would like to if possible conduct a test that can measure levels of pollution for a period of years and this data used can also
 be used as research material for other things. I was also thinking maybe in other countries the same experiment can be done. 
I'm not necessarily sure as to how this can be implemented as such open to any suggestions and thoughts on this. I just wanted to avail this to you all and ask what you think and is this possible.

May the idea can make offshoot findings that can be established from this. That can assist with the research of global pollution and levels found in different areas.

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What do you think?
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