What is the origin of gravity?

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What is the origin of gravity?
« on: 25/09/2016 22:05:23 »
Hello to all first of all. I have a theory about gravity and i hope i help a litle bit someone that actualy study gravity, maybe i could do it some day. I think gravity give life. Don't jump to bad conclusions , just hear me out. Imagine the universe before the byg bang , a loot of stones just stayng in one place and not moving at all, total darknes and nothing moving and the matter scater trough the all universe. We don't know nothing about the matter but we can learn from chemistry , all the substance tend to fusion with the others. Think all that matter gather in one place and the voids from universe create a presure so high ( i don't know if i can call it that way) and creates a rift in time and space to the other end of the universe creating the black hole, this is how i imagine the byg bang , a masive black hole that start spins the universe , creating the gravity. Is far as we know nobody know how the gravity take birth. I think the gravity is generate by the black holes . A's
frightening they are , they give also the life to the universe. In every galaxy in the center is one masive byg hole who spins the galaxy and creatyng gravity. Think about the water in our planet , is evaporate go in the sky  and then because of the cold temperatures sweat and start raining, unverse is the same with the black holes : nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Black holes eat everithing transform it in matter and then on the other side , matter start trasforming is star dust  and then in planets. But wait i sayd the presure was to hygh and the the matter try other way , creating small worm holes when the byg bang goes "Bang" , those small worm holes hiting the stones and creating the suns , the worm holes who didn't reach anithing pulls back , but the ones who hit a large object creating a sun , because i sayd matter have to be any time connected don't stop there and from a sun  going another worm hole to another sun , and so goes on. think about us , our brain , we have a large network in our head. Somebody sayd cosmos life in us . Every star is conected one with another , the worm holes are there but we can't see them , next to our sun , natural worm holes. We don't have the tehnology to get so close to the sun or  telescopes so performances to see them , because they are prety invizible like the black holes. My theory begins with tryng to understand how to create artificial gravity. I was thinking if black holes create so waste , unimaginable gravity , maybe a controlled worm holes open in a spacecraft , creating a gravity around the spacecraft and also a shield against radiations. My theory was the byger the worm holes is , the byger gravity creates. Think a litle bit if the worm holes is small and is controlled we can go to space everywhere in our solar system without using a'n engine , we will have our own gravity at our disposal.But we know very good that when humans dyscover something creates also dezasters. Think about worm hole in our reality , a paper and u bend the paper and u united the 2 spaces to create the worm hole, once is open u have acces to the unlimited matter( if we will understand how to farm it first) and the space travel. The problem is if we succed to open a worm hole we need to know how to control it first because is not just connect only with other part of the universe that u want to go , will be connected with the part where matter goes from black holes , there is explosive energy , so u have to make it small and controled only for the purpose of gravity and never close them , i will explain again the problem with the paper , if u open in one place of the universe a worm hole and then close it here , the universe will come again to the original state , but u close the gate only here , or only where u have the mashine to close it , think what will hapen to the other gate ?  will become a black hole , because u open 2 gates and u close only one of them , i'm thinking u need 2 mashines  to operate a worm hole . Because all the vast space between galaxy u travel ( i called it the void ) will be fill up with everithink that your black hole (u open it )wiill Žat" all the matter from your starting place to fill up the void. We have the natural worms between the suns , we can use them. I think the other small black holes open in our galaxy was made by some other beings like us who discover how to create gravity. Was tests or failures. Think about our galaxy like a byg brain connected one with echather. If u are interested in my theory i have more on the same subject. But for now i wait for u guys to tell me what u think about my theory.
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