What is the best way to permanently remove blond hairs?

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Norbert asked the Naked Scientists:

My name is Norbert.
I have 23 years old.
My problem started one year ago.
I saw one year ago, that on my nose grow about a dozen thin, black hairs and longer blond hairs.
I saw also longer, blond hairs (fuzz) on my forehead.
I don't know what is happening.
My hormonal test is okay.
My parents don't have this problem.
I was very happy young and confident man, but when to happen problem with
my nose I became a very sad and I lost my confidence.
Currently lasers need only black and mature black hairs, but it is not solution for my problem, but my hairs on nose are blond and also black but delicate.
All lasers are effective for only black hairs (it is only temporary effect).
I read article about RNAi hair removal solution.
I know, that Angela Christiano conducts for this research.
I suspect hypersensitivity hair follicles on my face.

I need help and I'm looking for permanent solution/cure for my problem.
Do You have any information, that will help me?
I will be grateful for Your response.
Best regards and have a nice day,
What do you think?
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Re: What is the best way to permanently remove blond hairs?
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It is fairly common to have hairs on the tip of one's nose, the outer edge of the ears, or in the forehead. Not quite common enough to count as 'normal' but certainly not out of the ordinary. I suspect that most people are not open about how much grooming they do to appear 'normal.' I will occasionally pluck a particularly offensive hair from the tip of my nose, but this is only a rare occurrence, and a minor inconvenience...

If it is a major problem for you, there are techniques, commonly referred to as "threading," traditionally used by many Indian and Pakistani women for removing unwanted 'excess' facial hair. You can probably find a salon that will do this for you, or you can learn how to do it yourself.

The other option is to ignore it. You might be surprised how little other people notice, and how quickly you will come to accept it...