Upgraded high school graduation plans

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Upgraded high school graduation plans
« on: 16/03/2007 14:14:08 »
Recently, the newbielink:http://excellenceintheclassroom.com/ [nonactive] gave final approval to two upgraded high school graduation plans that increase the number of math and science credits, as well as the total number of course credits, that students must earn to receive a diploma. Their action comes in response to HB1, passed by the legislature earlier this year, which requires students to earn four credits in each of the core subject areas: math, science, English language arts and social studies.

Under the current newbielink:http://excellenceintheclassroom.com/ [nonactive] plans, four credits in English language arts and social studies are already required. So the board’s discussion focused on which courses would be acceptable areas of study for the fourth credit of math and science. Because of the additional math and science study, the board increased the total number of credits required for graduation under the Recommended High School Program and the Distinguished Achievement Program to 26. 

The newbielink:http://excellenceintheclassroom.com/ [nonactive] board voted to adopt the amendments with the following changes:
• Principles of Technology was added to the list of courses for which a physics credit can be earned.
• The board revised the math graduation requirements to list the specific courses that can be taken to obtain the fourth math credit.
• The board voted to include Mathematical Models with Applications as an acceptable course for the fourth credit.
• Language was added indicating that the board may create additional courses for either math or science at a later date.