What would, 0.5 grams of ionized hydrogen at 12,000 kelvin do to organic matter?

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 Basically what the title says. I'm wondering how much energy it would contain, and assuming that all of the energy was transferred into water that is 37 degrees celsius near the point of impact how much water would be vaporized. (And, if it's within someones expertise, what that would do to tissue? Would it rip them open like a boiler with too much pressure, or would it vent out of smaller holes before it could cause any real damage?)


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How much water?
Very roughly, if you had 0.5 grams of stuff at 12000 degrees it would heat 12000 grams of stuff by about 0.5 degrees or 1200 grams by 5 degrees.

A typical inductively coupled plasma system produces something like a few grams per minute of gas at roughly that temperature.  this just gets vented up the chimney.
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