How might I measure lupeol and squalene concentrations?

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Hello everyone,

I am currently designing my experiment for my research. I will be doing the vitro treatment of lupeol and squalene on MCF-7. I really need help!! hrmm.
Generally, my question are:

1)what is the right concentration of terpenoids (lupeol,squalene, etc) to do the vitro treatment on the MCF-7? for example, the MTT assay which is used to determine the inhibition of cell proliferation. (what calculation should i use)

2) what is the most suitable buffer that I should use to dilute the pure compound of lupeol and squalene? and how should i dillute them? eg:DMSO/ethanol/etc

3) how should i collect the data? eg : how to determine the cell viability and the right methods should i use

4) Am I asking too much question? :/

Anyway, thanks for your time and any responses will be much appreciated!

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