Feedback: What does one billion mean to you?

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Feedback: What does one billion mean to you?
« on: 11/10/2016 14:23:01 »
Clara Garza  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hello again, another comment. I have not heard this mentioned and I think
I have listened to pretty much every episode.
The word BILLION is very dangerous because it means very different things
in  different places. In the US it means 10 to the nine, or a thousand
million. In Mexico it means 10 to the 12, a million million. According to
Wikipaedia, in the UK it meant a million million in the past and now it
means a thousand million. I don't know about other countries but since the
podcast is heard everywhere it might be a good idea to specify what people
mean when they say billion, or ban the word altogether :-)

Again, thanks for a great show.

What do you think?
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