Why is there no sound using Netflix over Internet Explorer?

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I'm having a problem with Internet Explorer (IE). I used to use IE to watch Netflix. But now when I try to do that there's no sound. It's not my computer system that's the problem because the sound comes through fine using Chrome. What could be the problem?
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Re: Sound problem with Internet Explorer
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It might be a problem of compatibility with Netflix. I'm assuming you are using Win10 so you might try opening Netflix in compatibility mode, try:
a) Open Internet Explorer 10 on the desktop screen.
b) Press Alt key on the keyboard to enable the menu bar if it is disabled on the browser.
c) Click on Tools option.
d) Click on Compatibility View settings.
e) Add the website address of the website which you are using to watch the videos online.
f) Click on Add.
g) Click on Close.
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As Windows 10 continually updates (we are upto version 14951 now) the performance of IE11 seems to get worse I begin to wonder if it is intentional to push you onto Edge, you must go with the flow and convert to Edge!