The aether and matter vs the whole universe as an aether

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The existance of an aether to allow light to travel can be easily falsified. If you are on a lake in a boat, you can determine the speed relative to the aether only by analizing the waves. This concept clearly doesn't work. It means that matter moving on its own not interracting with the aether and light moving using the aether, is impossible. However , it doesn't mean the aether doesn't exist.  Another possibility is that the aether fills the entire universe (or up to the expansion limit) and light is only a disturbance in the aether. Plus,  mass can be aether density or simply a different aether property disturbance that still travels as a wave trough the same aether. Now aether affects both ligh and matter. Light and matter are both disturbamces in the aether. This is  now equivalent to a non aether concept, because you can replace the aether with tied together particles in an empty space to make the whole universe. The relativity should emerge naturally from this concept. Also metric tensor derives from the aether.
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Re: The aether and matter vs the whole universe as an aether
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   Impossible is a strong word. It is your concept that determines the logic of your argument for and against a mechanical probability. What do we know about the propagation of light if you believe in Relativity as I do? It is constant by postulate. Light propagates faster than the electron that produced it. We have to consider all the observations. This logically suggests the aether might be energy itself or c. If it is energy itself than the propagation wave is on the aether. Than we have the question of what moves the electrons? It must be c also from space time. Electrons must rotate around energy to produce their forward motion. When the electron jumps its rest orbit to another orbit that rotation causes a wave on c energy that has to propagate then spring back to a normal rest pattern of energy spin state. The propagation is c. The propagation is the square of the distance and the view is the inverse square of the distance. Gravity, light, magnetism and volume are al the same inverse and square of the distance. Your mind has to accept these parameters of observation along with the c of all spectrum waves. Only then can you have a theory of the reality of our universe.

  To discount one possibility based on your own understanding might not be valid.