Evolution is acceptable, but not when applied to humans?

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Some of the people I've spoken to accept the theory of evolution, that organisms change over time and take on new forms as they adapt to their environments. But the same people will outright reject the notion that humans evolved from an ape. They will argue that "why do monkeys and apes still exist? Why haven't they evolved?" These are also people who don't class themselves as animals; humans are above every thing else.

Does anyone have similar experiences?

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Evolution is acceptable, but not when applied to humans?
« Reply #1 on: 02/06/2007 13:43:40 »
Saying "we involved from monkeys" is rather inaccurate, really, we are evolved primates. When we started walking upright and using tools and all the other cool things, we didn't magically become another animal. To say that is ignorant of evolution, we are the same animal, but only slightly different.

We are still homo sapiens, and we are only 2-3% different from Gorillas.