You are what you eat

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You are what you eat
« on: 18/06/2007 03:54:15 »
Is it wise to blast your body with pharmacutical drugs at the first sign of sickness??

What if the attitude of 'shoot first - ask questions later' is a much larger problem than disease itself?

Knowledge is power and knowledge about the affects of different chemistries on the body is vital - the processses of the digestive system is fundamental to good health. Digestion,- the bridge point - where nutritients first enter the body, is vital to health.

What lies at the heart of modern disease?

The answer may be a simple question of diet, because now a new connection between digestive disorders and the intake of gluten and casein products (glues) - such as wheat, cows milk and soy - is proving to be a major cause of modern disease. In laymans terms, the chemistry of these products can not be fully broken down by the human digestive system, the effect on health ranges from autoimmune disorders to malnutrition to slow macro-degeneration. Unfortuneately, these products are the staple of the western diet, this highlights the problem of the addictive affects these products have on the brain (MSG ring a bell?).

Eat as much healthy food as you want, but it won't mean squat if your digestive system is blocking the absorbtion of vital nutrients. You have to expect some drawbacks from 'pouring glue' all over your intestine walls.  [xx(]

As they say... you are what you eat.

For further information on the gluten connection:
This interview could literally save your life.
Fintan Dunne speaks to Dr. John Symes
about the hidden nutritional plague that is
destroying health and longevity.

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More mythbusting on diet and nutrition:
Low Carb or Hi Carb, Sat Fats and Atkins...
Are you confused by a plethora of Diet Gurus?
Fintan Dunne speaks to Anthony Colpo
about the optimum diet for Superlongevity.

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