funny horoscope

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funny horoscope
« on: 29/06/2007 02:34:25 »

if you love horoscopes as well as a good laugh, you'll probably enjoy [*removed*] as much as I did! It said I'd meet someone new this weekend, but that I'd need to get drunk so as not to notice they have an IQ usually only found in tadpoles, barstools and leafy vegetables LOL
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funny horoscope
« Reply #1 on: 29/06/2007 06:59:00 »
This is mine from there...

Your week is going to be decidedly uneventful. Nothing whatever out of the ordinary will occur. It wouldn't be surprised at all if this turns out to be the dullest week of the year. You'll do a good deal of yawning, I can predict as much as that. Even the shows you watch on tv will all be reruns, and you'll become so bored by the end of the week you'll start taking an interest in the latest events in the life of Paris Hilton. That bad, indeed! Reading this horoscope is probably the most fun you're likely to have for seven long, long days!

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funny horoscope
« Reply #2 on: 29/06/2007 09:15:35 »
Watch out this web site link has got lots of warnings associated with it and I think that the input is probably spam so I would reccommend the deletion of this topic.
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