Mixed Dominant Help

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Mixed Dominant Help
« on: 28/07/2007 11:59:50 »
Hi i'm new here, not sure am i at a right place,

I'm a lefthandled(most probably)

I write with my right hand when i was age of 3 - 4 (my parents told me). But after i grown up. I am 16 now and i love drawing, i will choose to be an artist as my future aim.
But i found out that i am a lefty......

Something i exp,

I always feel weak with my left hand and even trembling, my dad got this too...... None of my friend have this problem. i got many Left/Right handle friend all got flexible hand. And i play basket ball, throwing ball, doing most of the stuffs with my left hand. But writing, eating, brushing teeth and cutting all with my right hand, i found it weird...... wat kinda freak am I? Then i did some research. eatting, brushing teeth, cutting... Are all actually require writing skill. coz writing build up certain muscle that support all those stuffs i mentioned.
So i guess i'm a leftY.

And i even did some research about mixed dominant. So i think i had been turned into mixed dominant...:(!
I'm lefthanded (most probably)
    Left legged(I kick soccer with my left leg)
    Left Earred(I listen more clearer with my left ear)
    Right eyed (Donno y maybe its related to my prolong right hand writing.)   

So can i be a good artist with my non dominant hand(right hand), relearn my left hand is driving me crazy.



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Mixed Dominant Help
« Reply #1 on: 28/07/2007 12:30:55 »
Not any kind of freak at all.

The notion that people who write with their left/right hand must do everything else with that hand is wrong.  Some people are so dominant with one hand that they do most things with that hand, but most people will do some things with one hand, while doing other things with the other hand, and yet other things they will readily switch from one hand to the other.

Nor is there necessarily any correlation between left/right handedness and left/right footedness.