Do these reptillian mouth structures have a name?

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I see these membranes or flaps of flesh or whatever they are in the corners of the mouth of some lizards and reconstructed dinosaurs. Do these structures have a name? They are usually pink, white or some lighter color than the surrounding skin:


My diagram is fairly crude, so here are some links that show them better:
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Do these reptillian mouth structures have a name?
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Though I am not a reptilian expert, I believe those are simply the jaw-connecting ligaments, which can be covered by a flap of skin. The technical term for the same in humans is the temporomandibular ligament. There are also several minor jaw ligaments, and below is a link with good technical descriptions and diagrams (of the human jaw musculature).

Here is a link describing it in reptiles, and it is referred to only as the "jaw-connecting ligaments."
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