Are quintuplet calves a bovine birthing record?

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In this ox year let me show you this wonderful births :

quintuplets claves ; video on page :

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Do you think it's a world record?

You're welcome in green Ardèche.

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Re: Are quintuplet calves a bovine birthing record?
« Reply #1 on: 04/12/2010 11:13:39 »
It sounds rare.

However, according to this article, there has been at least one case of SEXTUPLET calves.,9171,771959,00.html,9171,758249-2,00.html

The article seems to date back to 1937.

Note...  MF Fraternal Twin calves are usually sterile.  So, while one might want to try to breed the quintuplets or septuplets, it may not in fact be possible.

And, of course, multiple births are high risk pregnancies with cattle just like with humans.