Are dictionary definitions in chronological order?

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Nijajuan Howard

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Nijajuan Howard  asked the Naked Scientists:
I was wondering if the definitions in the dictionary are in chronological order? As far as the first may have been excepted before another or something like that.
Mr.Nijajuan Howard

What do you think?
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Are dictionary definitions in chronological order?
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Because nobody answered this interesting question I went to my Webster's and looked it up:

"The system of separating the various senses of a word by numerals and letters is a lexical convenience. It reflects something of their semantic relationship, but it does not evaluate senses or set up a hierarchy of importance among them."


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Are dictionary definitions in chronological order?
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Interesting question.

I would assume that most dictionaries have had hundreds, or perhaps thousands of authors.  Any lack of standards could create a big mess.

I see groupings of Noun, Adjective, Verb Transitive, Verb Intransitive, etc.  But, even those seem to appear in random order. 

I would assume you would organize it from general to specific...  and then common to uncommon. 


So, if my Dictionary defines "Gay" as being "Merry"...  is it appropriate to wish all your devout Christian friends to:

Have a GAY Christmas!!!!!!!  [::)]