Have there been any medical advancements for kyphosis treatment?

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I have kyphosis and it's getting to the point where the pain is pretty dreadful for the most part and I'm coming to the end of exhausting postural elements.

Anyone aware of something else I can do straighten my neck and spine?


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You have little information provided in your profile.
Age, Sex, Risk Factors, General Health, Onset of condition, Parents, Grandparents, etc.

Osteoporosis should be aggressively treated with Calcium, Vitamin D, Perhaps Hormone Replacement Therapy, and drugs such as Fosamax.  However, you need to carefully evaluate the use of bone stimulation drugs such as Fosamax as more bone is not necessarily stronger bone.  Notes indicate that it may not hold as much benefit after 5 years or so.  And, of course, look at risk factors for other things such as cancer if you are taking hormones.

Discuss the condition with your physician, and perhaps request an orthopedist, or orthopedic surgeon consult.  I'm also seeing notes on Geriatric Orthopedics, although perhaps not a field onto itself.