Can one hack the XM25

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Can one hack the XM25
« on: 16/01/2011 19:48:03 » [nofollow]

I was wondering if you could hack the weapon/ammo to make it explode too weapons seem more vulnerable than dumb weapons to me.
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Can one hack the XM25
« Reply #1 on: 16/01/2011 22:08:01 »
Yeah, I always wondered why they can't project some sort of radio beam out in front of the Humvee to explode the IED,s before they run over them. Maybe they have such a thing but they can't use it until the manual is translated into french.


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Can one hack the XM25
« Reply #2 on: 17/01/2011 02:35:39 »

The XM25 appears to set the range before it is fired, and then follows a straight trajectory.  So...  once it is in the air, it would be too late, unless you could hit it with a huge EMP.

An anticipated cost of $25,000 per gun, and $25 per round!!!   [:o] [:o] [:o], and the government plans to buy 12,500 of them for a cost of over $300,000,000 (without ammo).  And, have them all distributed in the field within 2 years. 

Do the batteries in the ammunition expire?  Or is this one of those things like Christmas Gifts....  "Batteries Not Included"

As far as IEDs.  It would depend on the detonation system.  One could assume a cell phone would have a specific phone number and activation code, but could likely be prevented from exploding by a jamming signal.  A trip-wire or pressure sensor would be more difficult to hijack.  The EMP might still be effective, but I doubt one could build an EMP shield without a huge power drain and causing chaos around oneself.