What is the Human Brain Initiative?

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What is the Human Brain Initiative?
« on: 06/04/2013 04:00:53 »
The USA has announced investing $100 Million in the Human Brain Initiative?

It sounds like a great ideal, but what exactly is it funding?

It is being compared to the Human Genome Project, but with the genome project, there were specific goals, namely to identify the "normal" genes and proteins, and the related DNA sequence, as well as common variants and genetic pathology. 

But, the human brain initiative is much more open-ended.  Of course there has been research in psychology, neuropsychology, and neuropathology, and neural networks for a very long time.  And there have already been tremendous strides forward in the understanding of the brain and its interconnections. 

And, of course, many research grants are funded by the government and the military. 

So, what exactly is this new initiative?

Perhaps a lot of hot air, defining something that is already being worked on?  And just promising a continuation of funds that are already being allocated, perhaps moving them under a new heading.

Will it merely allocate neuropsychology grants under the human brain initiative, and thus freeing up other research budgets for investment in other science?