How can I get Google Earth?

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How can I get Google Earth?
« on: 27/12/2013 22:21:38 »
I once upon a time was able to access Google Earth, but due, apparently, to certain upgrades, I no longer can. It appears my software is now outdated. Is there any way of accessing Google Earth without buying a new computer? I am running Windows XP with most of the most recent updates installed, and am using a somewhat outdated graphics card, which, however, used to work fine with Google Earth.


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Re: How can I get Google Earth?
« Reply #1 on: 27/12/2013 23:17:42 »
I gave up on Google Earth a while ago as it doesn't like some of my drivers in Linux, and it is not clear if it is a 32/64 bit problem, or something else.  I'm reinstalling the latest version of Fedora (20) soon on a laptop, and perhaps I'll get Google Earth back on that laptop.

I find that most of the Google Earth features are available on, and if I'm lucky, I can even run kml scripts on it.

Did you try "Earth View on Google Maps" (which, of course, it says isn't supported on my computer.

Under the Google description, Google Earth is supposed to support Windows XP.  Are you getting install errors, or run-time errors? 

With any luck, I may have copies of Google Earth that I've downloaded in the past, including a few Windows Versions, but I'd have to hunt around a bit for them.  That is, unless there was an online installer.  I wouldn't have any continuous download history, but perhaps a couple of copies here or there.