Discuss: Turning the Tide on Flooding

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Discuss: Turning the Tide on Flooding
« on: 14/03/2014 00:30:01 »
With climate change expected to bring more bouts of extreme weather and longer periods of drought and flooding, this week we take a look at ways to turn the tide on the looming water crisis. Plus, in the news, the schoolboy who's become the youngest person yet to achieve nuclear fusion, the pedicure-inspired tags which are helping track turtles, the new gene therapy breakthrough for treating HIV and, what's worse for you, cigarettes, or sausages?
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Re: Discuss: Turning the Tide on Flooding
« Reply #1 on: 20/03/2014 12:41:05 »
Perhaps instead of showing documentaries on tv about cheetahs chasing gazelles or sharks hunting, or birds of paradise, we could show real documentaries that give people some perspective of the crisis we're facing.
Parts of the world are a mess, I know because I live somewhere that if you go outside on some days, you become sick for weeks with the air quality but when we watch TV here, its almost like the leaflet from Jehovahs witness.
Documentaries that show the reality of the world such as 'ice hunters' shouldnt be relegated to geeky movie festivals  and TED conventions, everyone should be exposed to this - constantly.
I know my post may sound convoluted but I believe our consumption is directly responsible for occurrences such as flooding and changing weather systems. If people were more aware, maybe they would change their habits.

Then of course the governments have a responsibility to impose rules to limit impact...

Anyway, I think its too late to turn back the clock, whats started cant be stopped but we can at least try not to make it any worse.