Can an app solve jet lag?

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Can an app solve jet lag?
« on: 16/04/2014 01:30:01 »
Is there a better way to get over jet lag than just waiting 1 day per time zone to recover?
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Re: Can an app solve jet lag?
« Reply #1 on: 16/04/2014 04:15:28 »
I'm not sure a computer model can fully model human jetlag.

1 day per timezone?

So, the recovery time of flying to Europe (8 hrs) would be 8 days to recover.
Flying from here to Moscow (11 hrs) would be 11 days to recover.

Domestic flights (2 or 3 timezones) really don't bother me that much.

I haven't done a lot of international travel lately, but I'm mostly recovered in about 2 days, not in excess of a week.

I'm usually up most of the night before the trip (always something last-minute to do).
Leave home in the morning, perhaps a bit drowzy.
Try to get a few winks of sleep on the plane "destination time". 

That first night, I usually sleep like a log.
And, am mostly ok the next day.

I'm trying to think if it is best east to west, or west to east. 

Going from the USA to Europe, one normally leaves home in the morning, and eventually arrives in Europe the next morning, so one would effectively have 1 night on the plane.  At least on one trip, I remember being very tired that first day, viewing Luxembourg in a daze.

Going from Europe to the USA, one usually has a super-long day on the plane, and then has a hard first night when one arrives.  Perhaps I haven't been up all night before that????   However, technically one should be able to sleep for a few hours early in the flight.


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Re: Can an app solve jet lag?
« Reply #2 on: 17/04/2014 15:14:53 »
I think the trick is to avoid the in-flight movie, spend as much time asleep on the plane as possible, and don't eat or drink (alcohol) more than you would normally. Immediately on arrival, eat the meal that is appropriate to the local time: the brain adjusts to the stomach.  It's also worth getting into the habit of catnapping during the day: a 10-minute recharge when you need it is a lot better than 8 hours' sleep when you don't. 
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