Unbelievably Strong Glass - New Revolution in making thin Glass

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Unbelievably Strong Glass - New Revolution in making thin Glass

newbielink:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAQh2stvqy0 [nonactive]

This is a new type of glass which will be manufactured in the future. It will replace ordinary glass in the near future. It will also be used by mobile phone manufacturers.

This type of glass is the strongest glass in the world. It is ten times stronger than ordinary glass.It is resistant to scratching and hard impacts, which is presented in the test.

In the test, we will use two steel balls and two glasses for shattering. The first glass is made of the new type of glass, while the second one is made of ordinary glass that is currently used.


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Interesting Video.  It is always useful on a "science" website to say a bit more about the product than just new strong glass.  What is it?

There are a number of glass treatments that have been used for years including tempering and lamination. 

Zirconia, Synthetic Sapphire, and Aluminum Oxynitride glasses have been around for quite some time.  Even composites of different transparent ceramics. 

I had always thought of small pieces such as watch crystals, but no doubt they could be formed in larger and more complex shapes. 

No doubt the cheap silica glass will continue to dominate the market due to the low cost of manufacture, but there are applications such as light weight bullet proof glass that would benefit from the composites and ceramics.