Sexual Headache

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Sexual Headache
« on: 26/04/2016 04:16:03 »
Hey all, I am new to this site... I came across this site doing a search about sexual headaches on Google. I saw there was a discussion about sexual headaches on this site back from 2007 or 2009. I would like to bring it back up because I have never had any migraines or horrific headaches until the last couple weeks of having sex. A couple weeks ago my gf and I were having sex and before "release" I get a wicked uncontrollable migraine/headache. Where it starts in my neck area and goes up all over my head, specifically frontal lobes. It lasts quite a while too. I got an MRI (brain scan) and MRA and everything came back clean as well as a CT scan... Blood work was normal too.. It's so irritating because i have tried intercourse and sex with my gf and regardless right before orgasm , BAM! Thunderclap headache.... Has anyone experienced this? If so, what do you do... I've been reading it goes away after a while... I had it once in like 2009. Thought nothing of it... Now years later, it's back... And I've read people can have them once and then years later it can strike again...lucky me, right? Said no one ever... I also have TMJ I believe, where , my jaw pops on the right side... I'm seeing s dentist tomorrow about it and a neurologist on Thursday... But maybe TMJ is putting pressure on my Head? The interesting thing is that the right side of my Jaw is where the jaw cracks, pops... But it's the left side that is giving me the starting issue during the sexual headache... It's the left side my head, and eye that throbs... It's been about a few weeks and my gf and I had sex a few times, each time having s migraine outta no where... She even "did her thing" while I lied there, and the thunderclap still came on.... I am 31/M and sorry if this is not in the right forum/thread... I figured "this can't be true" would be a good spot for it lol. Oh and I was just prescribed a medicine I took tonight, which helped prevent th thunderclap quite a bit... (Wanted to try with the med) still got the headache but it was subjected to only one area, left of my jaw under my ear... So it was nice it wasn't all over... The medicine is like, barbiturate with Tylenol and something else .. It's BAC which stood for something. I think it's similar to the medicine ketoric. (Misspelled) I've been hearing a lot about propranolol. So maybe that's next..


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Re: Sexual Headache
« Reply #1 on: 26/04/2016 08:02:34 »
The discussion is still current and can be joined here
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