Why Are Cockroaches So Resistant To Radiation ?

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Why Are Cockroaches So Resistant To Radiation ?
« on: 12/07/2008 13:33:23 »
Dear Cockroacheologists !

See Elphabeth here  ?


She's a fine specimen of Roach goodness !.....in the Roach world she's a supermodel and won't get out of bed for anything less than three leaves and some animal protein and perhaps a nice drain to dwell under for a while !

I've often heard that cockroaches are resistant (or more resistant) to radiation than ewe and me.....is this a fallacy ?...if not.....then what makes them so hardy against radiation nastiness ?

Thank ewe

Rogue Roach Asker

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Why Are Cockroaches So Resistant To Radiation ?
« Reply #1 on: 12/07/2008 14:50:08 »
Hi Neil

There not, ita a myth. They say cockroches would be the last survivors on earth but thats only due to the them being able to consume a very wide varity of products.


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Why Are Cockroaches So Resistant To Radiation ?
« Reply #2 on: 12/07/2008 15:01:09 »
Having an exoskeleton may allow them to survive a higher dose of radiation than us mammals,
analogous to a person wearing a suit of armour being able to withstand higher levels of radiation.

Dr Karl on cockroaches and radiation...
Drs. Ross and Cochran found that a dose as low as 6.400 rads would kill 93% of immature German cockroaches - making cockroaches only six to fifteen times tougher than we frail humans. Sure, cockroaches survive radiation better than we do - but they curl up and die at doses than don't even bother other insects.
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Why Are Cockroaches So Resistant To Radiation ?
« Reply #3 on: 13/07/2008 20:05:16 »
I rather suspect that the reason she won't get out of bed is because she's pinned to it.

Mythbusters did a prog on this topic - they found that cockroaches weren't especially good at resisting radiation - they tested a few different creepy-crawlies and found one of the others was much more resistant than the roaches - sorry can't remember exactly what they were though.
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