Is grape juice as beneficial to health as red wine?

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Amy asked the Naked Scientists:

My name is Amy, I'm from New Jersey, USA. I am thoroughly enjoying both "Naked Scientists ENHANCED PODCASTS" and "The Naked Scientist" podcasts, which I have recently discovered on iTunes.

This morning I listened to an Enhanced Podcast from 06.11.19. Toward the beginning of the podcast, there was information about the benefits of a substance found in red wine, which, when given to mice in large quantities helped them gain less weight even on a high fat diet, and also seemed to give them more energy, and a longer life span.

My first question is whether this same substance, and the associated benefits, are also found in purple grape juice. From a scientific/health perspective, are there differences between red wine and grape juice besides the presence of alcohol?
Thank you so much. Keep up the great work!

What do you think?
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Re: Is grape juice as beneficial to health as red wine?
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I will drink a vat of red wine today and some grape juice at a later date and compare the results. I will have the answer for you in a couple of weeks, all supposing I ever sobber up from the red wine that is.
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Is grape juice as beneficial to health as red wine?
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Unfortunately the answer is no; the chemicals that have antioxidant and blood pressure lowering effects are lipophilic (dissolve in fats and alcohols) and so alcohol is needed to help to extract the chemicals from the flesh and pips and make them dissolve in the wine.

This interview with Roger Corder explains the background to some of the health-beneficial effects of red wines:

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Is grape juice as beneficial to health as red wine?
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