Are there any natural termite repellents?

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Are there any natural termite repellents?
« on: 06/10/2005 01:53:39 »
The other day I read how these folk found a fence post on a fence? anyway this post was untouched by termites which had eaten or attacked every other post in the fence, and they took this post and analysed it and found some natural toxin that the termites had a big aversion to, and apparently at present they are working on marketing this, but at present are testing it etc.
does anyone else know of this?
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Are there any natural termite repellents?
« Reply #1 on: 03/07/2008 23:29:35 »
I did read a report once (probably around 2004-2005) about a fungus that infects and kills termites. The risk is so great that they post guards at nest entrances to despatch any workers returning home infected (apparently the fungus produces a characteristic smell).

Someone in the US has isolated a strain of the fungus the fruits from which taste fantastic and which termites collect and feed to their young, killing them. The residual smell left behind after the nest has been destroyed is highly repellent to other termite colonies that consider inhabiting the same site later. In this respect the fungus is being marketed as a termite-combating and repellent measure.

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