What about...

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What about...
« on: 07/08/2003 00:51:49 »
What about the radiation.
I heard that there is enough radiation to fry you inside out just above the Earth unless you've got **** loads of lead around you.
Read up on it.
Just a thought


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Re: What about...
« Reply #1 on: 07/08/2003 12:43:16 »
I agree

we have a very cosy existence here on Earth thanks to structures like the Ozone layer which filters out harmful UV radiation.

In the UK, people in Aberdeen and Carlisle, on the other hand, live in one of the most radioactive places on earth (ignoring Chernobyl, Kiev and Sellafield of course !!). In Devon there are increased risks of developing lung cancer because of high levels of radon gas seeping out of the rocks and into peoples' houses.

One other potentially improtant form of radiation we've neglected to mention so far is of course radio, TV and mobile phone emissions...the jury is still very much out on the 'safety' of exposure to those.


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I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception - Groucho Marx