How is time reconciled within the holographic principle?

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The holographic principle (applied to the universe) maps the information contained in the 3D volume of a sphere with arbitrary radius "r" onto the surface of the volume. The mapping is from three dimensions onto two dimensions. As I understand it, the suppressed dimension (assuming spherical coordinates) is "r". Regardless, we live in a 4D universe; does the time dimension remain? Given that the information within the sphere is constantly changing, is "time" manifested as time varying information fluctuations on the surface of the sphere? What would that look like?!  [xx(]


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How is time reconciled within the holographic principle?
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String theory is not really my thing - but I think that the destination of the mapping is a two d screen at infinite distance rather than the surface of a sphere.  As this is Susskind's area of string theory it get quite complicated on the maths so I haven't even tried to follow it.  If you can be bothered here is one of Susskind's papers on the subject - I haven't read it but it seems to be the one you need:
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