Are there any clinical trials on long-term management of severe brain injury?

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Anonymous asked the Naked Scientists:
   In May 2008, I was involved in an horrific car accident on a highway, a drunk driver went into the side of me at 90.m.p.h. which caused a very severe head injury.
As stated in the paramedic report, my head was literally thrown around the car like a rag doll. This caused a brain hemorrhage.
The brain injury I sustained was the right middle cerebral artery, it bled into the right basal ganglia, Which effected the left side of my body.
My left hand and arm is extremely tight and stiff. I have no movement, or use in it at all.
My left leg, again is extremely tight, stiff, I can walk very short distances, my leg gets very tired, and aches quite badly (due to muscles being extremely tight and stiff). I have also got a very bad limp.
Apart from the left physical side of my body, I just do not feel any different,what so ever,

My speech, memory, decision making, organizing, planning, reasoning, problem solving, emotions, personality, hearing, eyesight, breathing, smell are not affected.
I do not suffer fits, seizures, headaches, fatigue....
It is absolutely endless, I just do not feel any different, than before the horrific car accident, I just seemed to have lost my motor skills, which can be extremely frustrating, because every day physical tasks that my mind wants to do, so badly, unfortunately, my body will not let me.

The reason I am emailing you, is to ask you, if you, at present, or in the very near future doing any clinical trails /studies, or there is any possibility of surgery that could help me I would be willing to give it a try as I have never given up that hope of one day finding a cure / improvement for my condition.
As I have been searching for years, years, I must of emailed every single professor in the united kingdom, never, ever giving up on that hope.

In May.....   2013, the 27th to be exact, that is how good my memory is.
I was watching the 6 o'clock news, I saw professor Keith Muir, from Glasgow University, Scotland.
The WORLDS FIRST, injecting stem cells directly into the damaged areas of the brain, to repair the damage, as it brought back function, as it was proved on a clinical trail.
As soon as I saw it, I looked up to the sky, tears literally streaming down my face, as I said THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD.
I got straight onto the laptop, searched, searched , for Professor Keith Muirse mail address, emailed Professor Muir, virtually begging, pleading with Professor Muir, to put me on the next phase 2 trail.
Unfortunately, my world again, was shattered into a million, billion pieces, as I did not meet the criteria, for the next phase 2 trail.
As the criteria, for the phase 2 trail was males over 60 years of age, that had suffered stroke ( blood clot, on the brain ) very earlier on.
With me having a head injury, it would of been a different chemical in the brain,
I cried for days, days, totally DEVASTATED, the only words I can express that feeling, and how it is, to this very day is, ..PAIN BEYOND BELIEF, THE WORST PAIN, IN THE WORLD  TOTALLY UNBEARABLE  to have everything taken away,to have not a very good quality of life, totally dreadful.
I just cannot accept these massive life changes,
From being this very fit, active person, never still for very long, always exercising daily swimming, jogging, cycling, high impact aerobics 3-4 times a week, for it all being taken away in 1 night,
I just cannot adapt, to this different way of life, even after 8 years, TOTALLY UNBEARABLE
I grieve every single day, for the life I have lost. for the person I have lost too.
Can you understand that ????

Just to be able to hold a cup, and use my left hand, arm would be a massive gain to me, I would never take anything for granted ever again, in the whole of my life.
Just to be able, to have a normal walking gait, would mean he absolute world to me, I would never, ever, stop smiling, I would be the happiest person, on this planet,

Use me as your guinea pig, at any risk what so ever, I truly mean that, I have nothing to lose.

If there would be any cost involved, I would be more than willing to cover the whole of it.

Looking forward to hearing from you, in the very near  future

  Oooh I hope, I get some good news back from you,

Gosh, I hope I can see a glimmer of light, down this very dark tunnel. Please could you direct this email to the person who is most likely to be able to help me.

What do you think?
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Sorry to hear about your predicament. I would urge extreme caution with stem cell therapies. There are a lot of unknowns and still much work to do to understand how these strategies might be put into play. It would be terrible if a "therapy" accidentally made your condition worse. I have not yet seen any compelling evidence from stem cell trials that there is a solid solution to central nervous system injury.
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