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« on: 28/07/2007 03:29:54 »
I was just released from the hospital after a week long stay. I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis, caused from an extremely rigorous weightlifting session after a 10 year (yes, year) layoff. My CPK count was 114,000. I am now at approximatley 1,000 and the doctor felt ok releasing me with the instruction to do as little as possible and drink as much water and gatorade as I could.

My question is about my risk factor in the future. Since I've had one severe case, am I at greater risk for a relapse or recurrence in the future once I get back to a regular life and begin exercising again?



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« Reply #1 on: 28/07/2007 17:52:37 »
Rhabdomyolysis means breakdown of stripey muscle - in other words the striated skeletal muscle that allows us to make voluntary movements.

Severe unaccustomed or prolonged exercise can lead to muscle damage, which sounds like the case in yourself. There have also been cases in people who took the rave drug ecstasy and subsequently overdid it on the dance-floor, and drugs, diabetes, alcohol, infection (especially legionella and salmonella) and trauma have also been identified as causes.

The breakdown of the muscle tissue releases cellular contents into the bloodstream, such as myoglobin, and these can cause clotting problems and kidney impairment, which is why they advised you to drink plenty - to flush it all out.

In order to prevent relapses avoid alcohol or other myotoxic drugs and strenuous exercise.

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