Can HIV be contracted through underwear?

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Can HIV be contracted through underwear?
« on: 22/12/2013 05:05:50 »
I recently faced a prostitute 3 weeks back and I have few things to ask. When I met the prostitute 10 minutes earlier, she had sex with my friend, I removed her all clothes and I was only wearing cotton underwear. I rubbed base-mid of my penis with underwear on the vagina lips area for about 5-10 seconds and than I masturbated for like 10 minutes with underwear on.
My concern here is that if her vaginal fluid (1 or 2 drop) contacted my underwear while I was rubbing it to vagina and than my penis head was hitting the same area on my underwear where that 1 drop vaginal fluid was, when masturbating. (I released some pre-cum as well when masturbating). Please advise if there is a risk in this ? We did not have penetrative sex at all.

Also, a day before this, I shaved my penis and testicle area with razor blade. I dont think if any I had any minor cut on the shaft of the penis.
Just wanna confirm if i had minor cut on my penis shaft and that area hitting the area of my underwear where those 1-2 drops were. Please advise.

I am having fatigue kind of feeling from past 1 day but I believe its more to do with stress/anxiety I  am taking - thats the person I am. I stress a lot.
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Re: hiv worry
« Reply #1 on: 22/12/2013 07:40:41 »
Talk to your physician if you have concerns.  There is something called Post Exposure Prophylaxis, but it is supposed to be done within a couple of days of the exposure, and you are already a couple of weeks out which may be too late.  And it is quite involved for an possible exposure.  It would be much easier to first verify whether the people involved are carriers.

I looked for notes about prostitution and AIDS.  Some very old studies seemed to indicate that the risk of acquiring AIDS from a prostitute wasn't as high as they had expected. 

1988 study, aids among prostitutes not as prevalent as believed.  Transmission from prostitutes to Johns is low.  And, another relatively old article about AIDS and prostitutes

Here is an article about prostitutes and the AIDS epidemic, with notes about various countries.  Figure 1 shows the prevalence of AIDS in the general public, and in prostitutes by country.  Worst, of course, in southern Africa, but generally low in Europe, the Middle East, and the USA.

Anyway, one of the big issue seems to be whether or not the prostitutes are also IV drug users (which is high in some areas). 

If you have contact with the woman (or your friend), you can ask whether they have been tested for HIV/AIDS, or have used IV drugs. 

Anyway, your risk is low since your exposure was minimal.

Here are some notes about different AIDS tests and how soon after exposure they can be taken.  You are still a bit early for antibody tests, but you could do a PCR antigen test.


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Re: Can HIV be contracted through underwear?
« Reply #2 on: 23/12/2013 09:34:41 »
Dear Walter

the risk is absolutely tiny, and, in the absence of any other risk factors, your chances of picking up HIV this way are negligible.

To put this into perspective, a needlestick injury with a sharp used on someone who is HIV positive has a 1/300 chance of transmitting the virus to the recipient.

In your case, you do not actually know the  HIV status of the lady in question, you do not know for sure that any body fluids were exchanged, and, although you'd shaved, there was no obvíous skin breach on your body.

This equates to a risk so small that we would regard it as near zero. If you came to my hospital, we certainly would not consider you a candidate for post exposure prophylaxis.

Please be reassured, and have a nice Christmas.

Chris Smith, consultant virologist.
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