10th Naked Anniversary!

It's been 10 years since Dr Chris and Dr Kat first appeared on the radio! Listen back to some clips of that first show to see how much they've changed.....
21 February 2010

Interview with 

Chris Smith, Kat Arney


Chris - It's a very special day today because it was this very day, 10 years ago, that the first ever edition of the show that ultimately became The Naked Scientists actually got broadcast.  It all started in the first place because a group of us at Cambridge University ended up on a local radio station during what was called National Science Week.  Birthday CandlesThis was back in 1999.  This gave us a relationship with that radio station, so we then ended up, eventually, with a radio program that we launched there 10 years ago today in the year 2000.  You can imagine quite how horrified I was when I replaced my car earlier this year and when I was clearing it out, I discovered in the glove compartment a cassette that said on it "1999".  When I played it, it was that first program from 1999's National Science Week.  I have a little bit of it for you and for bonus mark, perhaps you can tell us who this interviewer you're going to hear on here is, or where else you've heard him..

The First Naked Scientist Appearance!

Chris - The radio debut for Dr. Chris and Dr. Kat.  The mystery voice, incidentally, was Pete Cousins and he still appears on The Naked Scientists every single week because he's the guy who makes all our wonderful jingles!


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