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14 October 2021

Now is the right time to bring that old phone in your drawer to a collection point

13 July 2021

A novel type of fully implantable temporary pacemaker has been developed that naturally absorbs into the body

11 May 2021

Mining without the digging...

15 March 2020

A robot balances better than ever before by learning from human behaviour...

29 February 2020

Scientists debate the carbon cost of binging on a box-set...

21 February 2020

How can you improve flood resilience, biodiversity and tourism? Beavers!

21 February 2020

An expandable heart valve could spare millions from multiple, hazardous heart surgeries...

17 February 2020

The energy stored in wastewater could power the equivalent of every single household in the US and Mexico

15 February 2020

Moving data at 100 gigabytes per second: that's 25 movies in under a second...

14 February 2020

New research finds 80% of climate warming due to contrails comes from 2% of flights.

01 November 2019

Engineers claim to have developed a battery technology for super-quick charging of electric vehicles…

18 October 2019

Twisting and untwisting fibres could become the mechanism for more environmentally friendly fridges...

28 August 2019

Magnetic springs to break down microplastics

14 August 2019

Oil wastewater is produced by oil companies and has been linked to increases in earthquake magnitude.

12 July 2019

A device that desalinates water, whilst producing electricity using solar power at the same time...

11 July 2019

Engineers have developed a robot that can harvest lettuces.

23 June 2019

Robots that assemble like Lego promise to be safer, cheaper and more efficient...

10 June 2019

Breakthrough makes new catalyst technology possible...

31 May 2019

Engineers have found a cheap way to measure the hand’s sense of touch - paving the way to better prosthetics.

24 May 2019

Redefining a unit of measurement that was invented in 1799 has required the entire metric system to change.

22 March 2019

A holey piece of swiss-cheese plastic can do complex maths in a millionth of a second

13 February 2019

A new device turns injections into drugs you can swallow...

14 December 2018

Sun-soaked device cleans up water and produces superheated steam.