Articles about engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing, jet engines, materials science and transport...

09 July 2020

Quiet and green air travel that uses hydrogen as a fuel

02 July 2020

Automated shipping could solve labour shortages

03 June 2020

On the deck of the Bliss, beyond the reach of cellphone coverage, I sailed into my life before the Internet...

23 January 2020

Applying a coat of paint on the walls of a house may soon help to heat it, and clean the air we breathe...

28 November 2019

Could transparent wood be the building material of the future?

26 October 2019

What rock concerts can teach us about the way materials can bend and stretch...

24 September 2019

What must material scientists consider when they design new materials that make up hip and dental implants?

22 September 2019

An insight into my 8-week internship with the Naked Scientists.

28 August 2019

‘Reverse fridges’ and insulated walls – how to make a house carbon neutral...

15 July 2019

Your ideas will create the materials of the future...

09 July 2019

And can anyone hear you scream when you get there?

13 June 2019

Could drawing on the properties of quantum behaviour provide a route to truly secure cryptography?

11 April 2019

How can science clean up water?

28 March 2019

What will wheelchairs of the future be like?

26 March 2019

To get to Mars, we need to reach the Moon first. The LRO will be NASA's eye while preparing for new missions.

03 January 2019

Scientists pick the discoveries that would revolutionise their fields in 2019

29 November 2018

At first glance, it almost sounds crazy. Can we really take carbon dioxide emissions from an industrial plant and store...

22 November 2018

Are you a PhD student from Cambridge University? Fancy joining our team?

01 November 2018

A significant amount of the single-use plastics that we use ends up in our oceans.

09 October 2018

3D printers are becoming popular in a number of industries, as well as with hobbyists. If you've got a computer...

04 October 2018

Miners could soon be scouring mounds of industrial waste to extract rare metals that are needed for products such as...

31 August 2018

Can the use of improved satellite navigation devices actually make driving safer?

14 June 2018

Europe’s population is ageing rapidly, yet the majority of car safety equipment is tested using dummies modelled on...