20 February 2017

Have you ever thought about the possibility of several parallel worlds? What if there is a doppelganger of yourself...

07 October 2016

How cells recycle their waste, the mechanics of superconductivity and the crafting of nano-scale motors were...

27 September 2016

Sonic holograms that shape sound waves into complex patterns to manipulate tiny objects, have been developed by...

20 July 2016

A technique for storing data using individual atoms has been announced by scientists in the Netherlands...

27 May 2016

A new generation of "optical" clock promises to make time-keeping even more accurate.

06 May 2016

Nanobots (really small robots) sound like science fiction, but Cambridge researchers have brought them one step closer...

11 January 2016

The seventh row of the periodic table has been completed with the addition of four new super-heavy metals

30 October 2015

A system that uses sound waves to manipulate objects in mid air, and even inside the body, has been developed by...

08 October 2015

A new material has been created that can delay the development of ice, even at temperatures down to 6°C below freezing.

26 August 2015

Previously unseen interaction between beams of light could yield a breakthrough for quantum computing...

31 July 2015

The earliest evidence of the Earth's magnetic field has been uncovered in Australian rock samples dating back 4.4...

16 June 2015

TV show the Big Bang Theory centres around the lives of scientists, but what science are they actually doing?

11 June 2015

By applying designs from nature to engineering problems, your heating bills could be reduced as nature-inspired designs...

13 February 2015

Scientists have solved the mystery of what makes popcorn pop.

22 January 2015

Herculaneum scrolls read for first time in 2000 years thanks to X-ray technology.

22 January 2015

New super-metal surfaces fashioned with a laser are so water repellent they can wash away dirt with only a tiny amount...

22 October 2014

Finally the physics of fingernails has been discovered at the University of Nottingham...

07 October 2014

Each year since 1901, scientists that have made a significant contribution to mankind through their research are...

04 July 2014

Shrimps use the chemical equivalent of Ray-Bans to filter light of different colours into different parts of their eyes.

03 April 2014

Gravity measurements suggest the Saturnian moon Enceladus has a subsurface ocean lurking 30 kilometres below the icy...

18 February 2014

Powerful lasers have managed to create a fusion reaction that releases more energy than was put in...

05 January 2014

China has the world’s most ambitious space programme, and 2014 will see the nation take some important steps forward...

22 November 2013

The world record has been broken for the most satellites launched aboard a single rocket.

15 October 2013

Who won Nobel prizes for science in 2013, and what did they discover?