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15 February 2020

Moving data at 100 gigabytes per second: that's 25 movies in under a second...

19 November 2019

This interactive display uses sound to produce 3D video and audio...

18 October 2019

Twisting and untwisting fibres could become the mechanism for more environmentally friendly fridges...

14 August 2019

A new compound could lead to less flammable batteries

09 July 2019

No mua aliens: alien technology is not a viable explanation for Oumuamua

23 June 2019

How rising Antarctic winds are boosting ocean temperatures...

30 March 2019

New study yields insight into the structure of a peculiar class of sub-atomic particles known as pentaquarks.

01 March 2019

An injection of nanoparticles to the retina allows mice to see infrared light.

07 December 2018

‘Nano-tweezers’ create electric fields capable of trapping single molecules and extracting them from living cells.

16 November 2018

A galaxy in the early universe feeds off its smaller neighbours...

18 October 2018

Four gas giants form from the dust of a junior star...

28 September 2018

Will we ever know how prime numbers are distributed along the number line?

15 June 2018

A low-cost large-scale industrial process that captures atmospheric carbon dioxide and converts it to low-carbon fuels...

25 May 2018

A sustainable world powered entirely by renewable energy sources is viable, according to a new study from scientists in...

17 May 2018

Using data gathered by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Satellite (GRACE) from 2002 to 2016, a team at NASA Goddard...

09 February 2018

Or do we have to choose?

21 November 2017

New results shed light on excess positrons.

21 September 2017

A large electric eel can deliver a shock ten times more powerful than a TASER, a new study has shown.

08 September 2017

Scientists rewrite the rules of Jupiter’s auroras to explain the latest data from NASA's Juno Mission.

03 August 2017

The use of artificial light at night, such as street lights, can harm pollination according to researchers at the...

08 June 2017

Einstein's theory of General Relativity, conceived a century ago, has enabled astronomers to weigh a nearby star,...

11 May 2017

Regularly hailed as the best instruments in the business, 17th and 18th Century Stradivarius violins fetch millions on...

15 March 2017

Before the introduction of the electric chair, there were numerous accidental deaths from electric shock, but it wasn’t...