Answers to Chemistry Questions

Answers to questions about chemistry, matter, gases, fuels, green chemistry, nanotechnology...

31 May 2022

Her in the UK fields of rapeseed run parallel to the roads, can you smell them?

26 April 2022

Would charging your phone make it heavier?

07 December 2021

Underwater predators surely would love a neon glowing sign saying 'all you can eat here'.

11 November 2021

We spoke to an infectious disease researcher for their views about how future pandemics can be avoided.

11 November 2021

Thanks to the newest vaccine against malaria, do we move one step closer to curing it and all diseases?

28 September 2021

Does ethnobotany have the solution to antibiotic resistant superbugs?

27 July 2021

Curious whiffs of methane are emanating from Mars: did life make them?

29 June 2021

And how does it make water more pure?

29 June 2021

What force makes duct tape stick to a wall?

20 October 2020

Which is better for your health, hard or soft?

28 July 2020

How many of these questions will you get right? They'll certainly produce a reaction...

07 July 2020

What magic do coffee granules possess that's absent in packet soup?

23 June 2020

How do atoms keep themselves together?

23 June 2020

What separates the sulphurs from the sulphates?

07 April 2020

Or is the idea all smoke and mirrors?

25 February 2020

Will it sterilise the sponge?

07 January 2020

And if so, is it growing or shrinking?

05 November 2019

What powers the light and how long can they keep it up?

17 September 2019

When you add pasta or rice to boiling water, why does it suddenly boil over?

30 July 2019

Listener Manik wanted to know how you can tell whether a painting is of a sunset or a sunrise...

18 June 2019

Ljiljana Funk answers our final question of the show.

18 June 2019

Let's blow the lid off this Q&A!