11 September 2018

They're not necessarily hot...

11 September 2018

Is it JUST H2O?

11 September 2018

Chemist Pether Wothers takes a sniff at this question from a listener

05 December 2017

How can chemicals create fire?

05 December 2017

SPOILER: There may be "whale vomit" in your perfume.

05 September 2017

It's all about the ions...

07 March 2017

Is the frozen water on the Moon, Mars or anywhere else in space drinkable?

06 December 2016

Water contains hydrogen and oxygen, both of which are important in combustion, so why is it used to put out fires?

27 September 2016

Could the testing of nuclear bombs lead to earthquakes?

13 September 2016

This time, Kevin asked why line drying makes clothes rougher and stiffer than tumble drying...