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07 December 2021

Coral on the Great Barrier Reef recently began spawning, but will bleaching still have impact these species?

07 December 2021

How many candles do we need to stick on the bEARTHday cake for our planet?

07 December 2021

Should we trust Disney's Sebastian the crab when he sings about how much better it is under the sea?

07 December 2021

Is there a planet where the singer 'Prince' can literally see you laughing in the purple rain?

11 November 2021

Can we finally have the Antarctic Olympic Games?

11 November 2021

With COP26 underway, we look to Antarctic researcher Huw Griffiths for answers on if we're too late.

11 November 2021

All animals need to eat. So what do penguins and other Antarctic animals enjoy for supper?

09 November 2021

Does growing tomatoes at home reduce carbon footprint? Or are supermarket punnets better for the planet?

28 September 2021

Does cutting down on fossil fuel prove to be more cost effective for the green energy consumer?

28 September 2021

Particles could be launched into the atmosphere to cool the Earth, but at what cost?

28 September 2021

Climate change is reshaping our environment, but how dramatically?

28 September 2021

Data from centuries ago are important for modelling our changing climate, but should we have faith in them?

30 July 2021

And what even is lava?

27 July 2021

Curious whiffs of methane are emanating from Mars: did life make them?

08 July 2021

If heat rises, why is it colder higher up in the mountains?

08 December 2020

Which is better for the environment, landfill or composting?

11 August 2020

Listener Johnny asked this question - so Adam sought out an answer...

28 July 2020

Do you know your flora from your fauna? Test yourself on these questions about nature...

05 May 2020

Is the presence of contrails related to the weather?

05 March 2020

Does it depend on the plant? Or on the soil?

05 March 2020

If we could speak to each other, would we get on?

24 January 2020

What happens if the Earth's magnetic field ever reverses its polarity? Geologist John Underhill explains...

07 January 2020

And what about the rest of the world too?