Articles about physics, cosmology, astrophysics, electricity, energy, forces, gravity, light and maths...

12 March 2021

There's light on the horizon when it comes to controlling the airborne spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19...

17 December 2020

Different efforts to unify quantum mechanics and relativity have led to vastly different concepts of the meaning of...

08 January 2020

Avalanches are deadly dangerous, but there are ways to avoid them...

26 October 2019

What rock concerts can teach us about the way materials can bend and stretch...

21 August 2019

Using spin to push the bounds of electronic devices

19 July 2019

Is our reality a computer simulation?

09 July 2019

And can anyone hear you scream when you get there?

22 June 2019

The modern-day equivalent of a scale pan for molecules

09 June 2019

“Do you have to be naked?” “Good thing it’s a radio show!” “Better hit the gym!”

29 May 2019

Today is the 100-year anniversary of Eddington’s eclipse experiment. The experiment was recently repeated.

06 March 2019

Many women have contributed to the periodic table and understanding chemical elements... But can you name any?

22 November 2018

Are you a PhD student from Cambridge University? Fancy joining our team?

27 September 2018

Earthworms and tiny water fleas could help deliver clean water to billions of people

17 September 2018

What would it be like if the Naked Scientists visited your school?

06 September 2018

Prof. Sarkar believes that many of the results supporting the existence of dark energy may be affected by confirmation...

14 August 2018

Have you ever wondered how The Naked Scientists make science so accessible and interesting? The Naked Scientists’...

31 May 2018

Noise is one of the biggest pollutants in modern cities but the risk is often overlooked despite being linked to an...

10 May 2018

A theory developed with the late Professor Stephen Hawking stating that the universe is more simple and uniform than...

03 May 2018

Graphs are amazingly simple mathematical objects widely used in computer science, biology, chemistry and many other...

26 April 2018

Electric ferries and digital communication between ships could help in the quest to decarbonise maritime transport, a...

18 April 2018

The latest state-of-the-art planet-hunting telescopes reveal a Universe filled with the potential for life and...

19 March 2018

Landfill is both ugly and polluting. But a new breed of technology promises to make it a thing of the past,...

27 January 2018

Flying has become a vital part of our lives. In the one hundred years since the Wright Brothers first took to the air,...

16 November 2017

The recent discovery of two neutron stars colliding brings us one step closer to understanding how heavier elements,...