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08 September 2023

Some engineers argue it can be useful in construction projects, if used properly...

25 August 2023

The idea is to re-purpose the design of aeroplane wings for ships to provide extra thrust...

01 August 2023

Where will hydrogen be implemented in our race to net zero?

01 August 2023

What are the current issues with hydrogen as a fuel source?

23 June 2023

We speak to a retired navy commander...

26 May 2023

Hypersonic missile expert has been accused of betraying state secrets

14 April 2023

Locking away more CO2 into concrete to fight the emissions crisis

14 April 2023

A breakthrough in renewable energy as solar power reaches 5% of the World's energy needs

03 April 2023

What is the reality of putting electric vehicle charging ports into national parks?

10 February 2023

The long love affair between scientists and balloons dating back to the 18th century...

31 January 2023

How the next industrial revolution might take place in space

27 January 2023

Is paying people to turn off appliances the first step towards digital control of our energy consumption?

16 December 2022

Nanoparticles harness the infrared radiation from the sun to stop condensation occurring...

16 December 2022

A nuclear fusion test in California has created a net gain amount of energy for the first time ever

21 November 2022

Who will win this month's big brain award?

24 October 2022

What do we do with the next generation of renewable energy waste problems?

24 October 2022

The oil platform turned art installation at Weston-Super-Mare

11 October 2022

Just what are the geological processes involved in fracking, and does it cause earthquakes?

19 August 2022

How the trends of modern mobile phones have inspired a new means of clean energy production.

02 August 2022

Despite hitting their heads against a hard surface hundreds of times per day, woodpeckers don't get concussed. Do...

02 August 2022

The complex molecules requires to propel rockets at launch could be generated by bacteria and food waste

11 July 2022

After a large crash at the British Grand Prix, the once controversial Halo has been termed a hero once again

04 July 2022

Turns out that numbness you feel when its chilly outside could be the key to a new way to treat pain...