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27 September 2021

The seasons are changing, so we're quizzing our experts with questions about change

10 August 2021

We thought the moon was magnetic. Now we know it's not. So why are some moon rocks magnetic?

27 July 2021

Some mental gymnastics needed to win gold in our last test of mental agility...

13 July 2021

Astronomers have pinned down roughly when the first stars and galaxies appeared in the universe...

08 June 2021

How the Sun might take out our tech

18 May 2021

New discoveries from an old probe

04 May 2021

The plot of 2015 film The Martian was driven by real science. Andy Weir wrote the story - here's his new book!

20 April 2021

Can we use radio to find intelligent life in space?

30 March 2021

Why send wine into space?

15 March 2021

A very rare space rock that caused a celestial light show at the end of February has been recovered in the UK

09 March 2021

Finding the source of high energy particles in the Sun

09 March 2021

What's Perseverance up to?

09 March 2021

We chat with our two special guests, John Zarnecki and Bahijja Raimi-Abraham

02 March 2021

What's the latest on NASA's Perseverance rover?

09 February 2021

The United Arab Emirates' first space mission has just arrived in orbit around the red planet...

12 January 2021

2021 is set to be a jam-packed year for space science...

18 December 2020

The biggest telescope ever made, and what we plan to use it for

18 December 2020

The Space Boffins spoke to Mike back in January 2020

08 December 2020

How did Hayabusa recover a piece of an asteroid, and what will it teach us?

24 November 2020

Near earth objects that get a bit close for comfort, and what we can do about them

17 November 2020

Metalysis plan to convert dust on the moon into its constituent parts, metals and oxygen. How would it work?

10 November 2020

How fast are we going

03 November 2020

Astronomers have discovered water on the sunlit side of the moon...

20 October 2020

Could a newly spotted object in space actually be a fragment of our past?