Interviews about Space Science

Interviews about space science, astronomy, rockets, planets, galaxies, stars...

03 December 2019

A cardiologist, physicist, immunologist and wine expert, and geneticist and dietitian take on your questions.

11 November 2019

Why is a case of French red heading to the ISS?

05 November 2019

Let's meet the panel for our latest QnA show!

29 October 2019

The part of the show where we read out your correspondence....

22 October 2019

We spoke to one of the astronauts!

08 October 2019

It's quiz time! Who will emerge victorious?

01 October 2019

What is Jessica Meir getting up to in orbit?

01 October 2019

A satellite launching in 2026 to measure far-infrared energy for the first time...

17 September 2019

It's orbiting a distant star and it's covered in clouds...

03 September 2019

What happens when a black hole collides with a neutron star?

03 September 2019

What's getting between us and the rovers on Mars?

20 August 2019

We received this brilliant question from listener Alistair...

20 August 2019

Something ten times the size of the Earth slammed into the gas giant in early history, changing Jupiter's core

30 July 2019

Fully electric cars are everywhere now, why is there still no Tesla equivalent for aeroplanes?

23 July 2019

Landing on the moon was an iconic moment in history. Our listeners share what it meant to them...

23 July 2019

It was an amazing feat 50 years ago but will we go back to the moon?

23 July 2019

Why don't people believe we landed on the Moon?

23 July 2019

How did the Apollo 11 get home? Their return could've been a lot worse, as physicist Katie Mack reveals...

23 July 2019

What happened during that giant leap?

23 July 2019

Hear from Norman Sears, an engineer that designed the system to land man on the moon.

23 July 2019

3, 2, 1, LIFTOFF! The Naked Scientists launch their own rocket with the help of some friends.

23 July 2019

NASA had a decade to get it right but why was a "Moonshot" so important?

23 July 2019

Armstrong. Aldrin. Collins. Meet the crew that went to the moon.

02 July 2019

"In space, no one can hear you scream....". Well, we wanted to test this for ourselves!