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26 April 2022

Would charging your phone make it heavier?

12 April 2022

Is this current flaw in electric cars something to be shocked about?

03 February 2022

Wind on mars? Ancient chickens? Can you guess what the mystery sound this month?

31 January 2022

Do we just use a really long brush?

07 December 2021

The toaster may be looking pretty sus when it burns your bread but you should still trust it...right?

07 December 2021

If we see a robot in pain, does it need circuitgery?

07 December 2021

Raven the Science Maven gives us an insight into her ingenious ways of teaching science.

07 December 2021

With artificial intelligence doing more and more human-like things, are they becoming 'creative' like us?

19 November 2021

Surely space travel can't be worse than the M25.

16 November 2021

A planet? Ultra-sonic animals? A crocodile? Can you beat our experts?

24 August 2021

How are smart devices able to measure heart rate without being invasive?

24 August 2021

How does that anti-glare screen help you view your phone screen in broad daylight?

27 July 2021

The team took stamps into space, but got sent packing by NASA...

27 July 2021

Millions of work and school days have been lost as people are pinged by the UK Covid-19 app...

26 July 2021

Why are monied entrepreneurs all dashing into space this week?

27 April 2021

What actually is a zip file?

23 June 2020

It's an AI term, but what does it mean?

07 January 2020

Tim Revell demonstrates how a computer examines a face...

07 January 2020

If lots of people switch over from petrol, then how will they charge their cars without private parking?

07 January 2020

Would your body understand it, and what would it do?

07 January 2020

Are there ways to improve them to generate more renewable energy?

05 November 2019

What's a server farm, and how might they be affected by climate change?

05 November 2019

How fast is technology progressing?