18 September 2018

Are humans capable of detecting magnetic fields?

18 September 2018

Can migratory species perceive magnetic fields, and use them to navigate?

18 September 2018

How do magnets actually work?

18 September 2018

This week, it's geomagnetism 101...

17 July 2018

How do planes get off the ground, and stay in the air?

26 June 2018

Why does a dripping tap sound the way it does?

05 June 2018

What are the physics behind the beautiful game?

20 March 2018

Why do Black Holes defy the rules of physics...

20 March 2018

The most-downloaded thesis of all time that crashed Cambridge's server...

20 March 2018

What is one of the most unread books of all time really all about...?

20 March 2018

How was Hawking grappling with these strange cosmic entities?

20 March 2018

Martin Rees explains Hawkings early work...

06 March 2018

A signal from the very early Universe has provided a revelation about dark matter...

26 February 2018

Tree crickets amplify the sounds of their mating calls by cutting a hole into the centre of a leaf and using it as an...

22 December 2017

Do you sing like an angel or screech like a cat?

21 December 2017

Our guests get into a bit of a tangle...

21 December 2017

What's the best way to get a fart out of a car?

12 December 2017

Is there an equivalent to The Force based in reality?

12 December 2017

What's the next step forward in space travel?

20 November 2017

Could exploiting different properties of light help to detect cancer earlier?

31 October 2017

What equipment do ghost hunters use to detect the paranormal, and what are they measuring?

10 October 2017

What won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics?