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19 July 2019

Aerogels are excellent thermal insulators, and a thin layer could make Mars more habitable...

09 July 2019

No mua aliens: alien technology is not a viable explanation for Oumuamua

22 June 2019

Reusable spacecraft will make space travel more budget friendly. How will the ESA's spacecraft work?

12 April 2019

An advanced camera captures an ancient star.

30 March 2019

New study yields insight into the structure of a peculiar class of sub-atomic particles known as pentaquarks.

24 February 2019

Four new DNA building blocks that meet the criteria to encode life have been created by US scientists...

21 February 2019

Where did the moon's water come from, and where did it go?

01 February 2019

Scientists learn more about how a Martian mountain formed...

11 December 2018

Chris Hadfield and Stuart Clark take us to the future.

16 November 2018

A galaxy in the early universe feeds off its smaller neighbours...

26 October 2018

If we can't see them, how do we know they're there?

18 October 2018

Four gas giants form from the dust of a junior star...

05 October 2018

With NASA turning 60, Professor Andrew Coates of University College London, spoke to Sam Brown about what's next...

15 December 2017

How the building blocks of life might have formed

21 November 2017

New results shed light on excess positrons.

16 November 2017

Space scientists have confirmed the discovery of an Earth-sized planet orbiting a cool, calm star about 11 light years...

14 September 2017

After 13 years in orbit about Saturn, and making some of the most important discoveries in our Solar System, the...

08 September 2017

Scientists rewrite the rules of Jupiter’s auroras to explain the latest data from NASA's Juno Mission.

28 July 2017

Scientists report the first conclusive detection of vinyl cyanide, a molecule that could form cell-membrane like...

06 April 2017

An atmosphere around an Earth-sized planet has been detected for the first time by UK scientists.

03 February 2017

A Martian meteorite picked up in Africa came from one of the longest-lived volcanic centres in the solar system,...

07 November 2016

A new theory on the Moon's formation has been proposed by scientists and it involves a big crash and a very fast...

02 September 2016

The dwarf planet Ceres spills its secrets with a series of six studies published today in the journal Science.

20 May 2016

Mars was once home to enormous tidal waves, new evidence suggests.