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21 August 2019

Using spin to push the bounds of electronic devices

15 July 2019

Your ideas will create the materials of the future...

09 July 2019

And can anyone hear you scream when you get there?

22 June 2019

The modern-day equivalent of a scale pan for molecules

21 March 2019

Can we make make greener rocket fuels?

06 March 2019

Many women have contributed to the periodic table and understanding chemical elements... But can you name any?

25 January 2019

Could microbes hold the key to sustainable agriculture?

21 December 2018

How the Royal Society of Chemistry is breaking the gender barrier...

22 November 2018

Are you a PhD student from Cambridge University? Fancy joining our team?

15 November 2018

Recent intern Tamsin Bell talks about her time working with the Naked Scientists. Have a read to find out what she got...

13 November 2018

The age of fossil fuel dependency is over and we need to find new ways to power our energetically demanding lives....

11 October 2018

Thousands of soiled nappies that were destined to clog Italian landfill sites or incinerators are being redirected to a...

03 May 2018

Some materials are special not for what they contain, but for what they don’t contain. Such is the case with metal-...

28 April 2018

We are addicted to plastics. They are used for everything, from food packaging to smart phones. But when we are done...

25 April 2018

In 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick built ball-and-stick models to help discover the structure of deoxyribonucleic...

20 April 2018

Micro- and nano-robots built for medical purposes have the potential to venture deep within our bodies to repair damage...

13 April 2018

A recent study has seen microplastics in the headlines: 40 river beds in urban, suburban and rural regions of northwest...

16 November 2017

The recent discovery of two neutron stars colliding brings us one step closer to understanding how heavier elements,...

15 December 2016

European scientists are joining forces to find out more about the impact of common chemicals on human health, with the...

01 December 2016

Trillions of pieces of plastic are floating in the oceans, potentially damaging human health, killing wildlife, and...

03 October 2016

Real life superheroes from the animal kingdom, and how they could help humanity.

26 September 2016

You've just created something new in the lab! Now, how do you find out what it is?

18 February 2016

Technology is helping halt the wave of fake drugs and their often lethal consequences.