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20 July 2023

A method to prepare important fluorine-containing chemicals directly from the mineral fluorspar, bypassing the need to...

11 October 2022

From upcycling plastic waste into valuable raw chemicals, to plastic degrading enzymes in wax worm saliva...

28 September 2022

Blood oxygen levels may soon be measured in the comfort of your own home using a personal smartphone.

22 March 2022

A fabric ear containing special fibres that detect sound

18 March 2022

DNA is a robust and dense alternative to storing digital data

08 March 2022

Organic compounds released while cleaning can result in indoor pollution

01 March 2022

Blues and Greens are in this Summer…

23 February 2022

Flights aboard the "Vomit Comet" reveal oxygen production might be less efficient on the Moon...

30 January 2022

A passive air sampler can measure personal exposure to coronavirus...

28 January 2022

Resistance breaker drugs can help antibiotics combat antibiotic resistant infections...

25 November 2021

Non-CO2 effects can be exploited to balance out CO2 emissions from flights...

24 November 2021

New textile that protects from direct sunlight means people may soon be wearing their own air conditioners

13 July 2021

A novel type of fully implantable temporary pacemaker has been developed that naturally absorbs into the body

01 July 2021

As glaciers move to the ocean they act as "natural bulldozers", crushing the underlying rock and releasing...

25 June 2021

The rise of slime off Turkey is a dangerous eyesore. But it's not all doom and gloop: this can be reversed

05 April 2020

Scientists have found a new molecule to treat paracetamol overdose

17 February 2020

The energy stored in wastewater could power the equivalent of every single household in the US and Mexico

25 January 2020

Manufacturers claim they've cut down release of this gas, but do the data agree?

03 January 2020

Hate cleaning? Wish things just wouldn’t get dirty? Technology to the rescue...

28 November 2019

Tiny micropolymers can preserve key nutrients in food supplements...

12 November 2019

Sunlight can be harnessed with a new catalyst to turn CO2 back into a carbon neutral fuel

18 October 2019

Twisting and untwisting fibres could become the mechanism for more environmentally friendly fridges...

28 August 2019

Magnetic springs to break down microplastics

14 August 2019

A new compound could lead to less flammable batteries