Meet the team

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Managing Editor

Chris Smith is a medical consultant specialising in clinical microbiology and virology at Cambridge University and its teaching hospital, Addenbrooke's. Chris is a member of the University of Cambridge's Institute of... Read more

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Freelance presenter, The Naked Scientists

Adam is a physicist turned science communicator from Dublin. When not talking to anyone within earshot about science, he can be found watching worrying amounts of superhero television or twirling around a ballroom floor.

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Naked Astronomy

Ben finished his PhD in physics at the University of Western Australia, in 2019 focusing on attempts to detect dark matter in the lab. He was a Naked Scientists intern in 2019, and now produces Naked Astronomy along with Adam Murphy.

Ben works with the ARC Centres of... Read more

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Naked Gaming Podcast

A gaming enthusiast with an MA in music from Cambridge University, Chris helps to produce the Naked Scientists "5 Live Science" show, and he's the driving force behind our new offering "Naked Gaming". When he's not got a joystick in his hands, you can hear him reading... Read more

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Producer, The Naked Scientists

Harry joined the Naked Scientists in 2021, after producing live content for The BBC World Service, SciDevNet in East Africa and BBC Radio 4. He's a true zoologist at heart, having worked with Scottish Wildlife Trust and volunteers intermitently for a variety of... Read more

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Producer, The Naked Scientists

Julia joined the Naked Scientist's as a producer and presenter in late Autumn 2021 after finishing her PhD in Neuroscience at UCL. She is fascinated by all things human behaviour, especially understanding the underlying mechanisms of how the brain works. Julia is a science... Read more