Interviews about Biology

Interviews about genetics, ecology and evolution, insects, mammals, marine science, plants and zoology...

26 September 2023

And the risk of epigenetic complications...

26 September 2023

Shunning the theatre in favour of the laboratory...

15 September 2023

What problems could they bring to the native ecosystem?

01 September 2023

The removal of large fauna from forests is contributing to the carbon crisis

25 August 2023

They were almost wiped out by American mink, but now they're making a comeback...

22 August 2023

Taste is to help with survival, while flavour is what we savour...

18 August 2023

But just as climate change giveth, it also taketh away...

07 August 2023

Joining us for our romp through all things science and technology this time...

31 July 2023

Warmer conditions affect the rates at which some fish species grow and how large they ultimately become...

31 July 2023

Do personalised therapies come with an added placebo effect?

31 July 2023

Disentangling which genes are involved to protect darker skin against melanoma is an open question...

31 July 2023

How do our close companions affect cognition, and is there an ideal number to have...

31 July 2023

How the maturation of the immune response is linked to the ageing process...

25 July 2023

Protein design tools use the language of amino acids to train LLMs

21 July 2023

Algae contains a vital vitamin for those on a plant-based diet

14 July 2023

Traditionally, we've assumed that perception is reliant on a stimulus...

04 July 2023

Is the easiest way of protecting marine life just going slower?

04 July 2023

The British Antarctic Survey has launched a strategy to monitor the poles, whilst aiming for net zero

04 July 2023

The best way to discover animals is to study what they leave behind

27 June 2023

The medical implications of light pollution extend beyond wildlife...

27 June 2023

Amongst a myriad of other impacts...

20 June 2023

Might we see an HIV vaccine in the near future?

20 June 2023

What does HIV do inside the body, and what are we doing to fight this process?