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11 March 2022

Microplastics can attract drug-resistant bacteria that can cause illness.

03 January 2022

Does plastic help or hinder us on climate?

19 November 2021

Does this question leaf you stumped?

08 November 2021

What is it like being Glasgow during this critical climate conference?

18 June 2021

For the most carbon-intensive industries, using green energy won't be enough. They need to recycle CO2 as well

10 June 2021

Bacteria found in mud volcanoes could recycle rare metals from e-waste and turn methane into biofuel

30 April 2021

Studying megathrust quakes and their triggers

08 October 2020

Dark forests have prevented the worst effects of nitrogen pollution, but that is set to change

19 August 2020

How heatwaves endanger our health and our work

28 May 2020

The global food system is responsible for 37% of greenhouse gas emissions: how do we feed cities sustainably?

20 February 2020

The carbon cost of home delivery and how to avoid it...

02 February 2020

How aquatic single-celled plants can convert things we throw away into high-value materials...

30 January 2020

A day on the Polarstern: studying climate change up close...

08 January 2020

Avalanches are deadly dangerous, but there are ways to avoid them...

05 December 2019

Why bogs may be key to fighting climate change...

26 September 2019

‘I would like people to panic’ – top scientist unveils equation showing world in climate emergency...

22 August 2019

Mobile forests could help cities cope with climate change...

09 July 2019

And can anyone hear you scream when you get there?

11 June 2019

The Voice of This Stone

05 March 2019

How tiny grasshoppers are helping us to understand the origins of species and how evolution works...

25 January 2019

Could microbes hold the key to sustainable agriculture?

14 January 2019

The white-bellied frog in south-west Western Australia is experiencing population extinctions throughout its small...

13 December 2018

Studies of ice melt in the Arctic suggest that the world may have a fighting chance of preventing huge sea level...

29 November 2018

At first glance, it almost sounds crazy. Can we really take carbon dioxide emissions from an industrial plant and store...