11 September 2018

The whole panel joined in to tackle this listener question...

12 June 2018

Dark matter exists all throughout the universe...right?

12 June 2018

The quantum world is strange, so what are entangled particles?

12 June 2018

Does light have a mass?

12 June 2018

They're the stuff of sci-fi, but how do lasers actually work?

12 June 2018

Things get very strange indeed inside a black hole, but what would Earth look like?

20 February 2018

Should we be worried about an asteroid apocalypse?

20 February 2018

Gravity shields - sci fi or sci fact?

12 December 2017

Anthony wants to know if launching a rocket from a tube would make it travel faster.

05 December 2017

How big can star systems get?

05 December 2017

It because of the Earth's spin? Or maybe the wind?

07 November 2017

Would a car protect you from a lightning strike, and what would happen if you were driving?

30 October 2017

In the 1940s, there was a chicken that survived 18 months without a head. How long could a human survive without a head?

12 September 2017

What's the difference between evaporation and boiling?

05 September 2017

How do we find water sources hidden deep underground?

04 September 2017

Could hyperloops make commuting a thing of the past?

27 June 2017

Is it possible to create noise-cancelling headphones, but for an apartment?

13 June 2017

What’s the smallest particle we can detect, and how small is it?

23 May 2017

When on the moon, astronauts have many things to contend with, not least temperature and space debris.

23 May 2017

How do waterproof coats work? And how does that differ from water resistance?