Answers to Physics Questions

Physics, cosmology, astrophysics, electricity, energy, forces, gravity, light and maths...

10 November 2023

And what are the optics involved?

03 November 2023

Would gravity or mirrors be your best bet?

08 September 2023

The coincidences we observe and the ones we often don't...

01 September 2023

What are the theoretical limits of time travel?

08 August 2023

Maths for maths' sake or something more...

08 August 2023

The flow of electrons can take different forms...

08 August 2023

A tea time teaser for you...

08 August 2023

What do these ripples in space time mean for us?

07 August 2023

Well, it depends what you mean by nothing...

07 August 2023

When do the rules of gravity kick in...

07 August 2023

The rate at which atoms in the air are bumping into each other...

07 August 2023

And what's the potential for profit...

30 June 2023

How can weather services know when lightning strikes occur?

09 June 2023

And do we need to change the temperature...

23 May 2023

Is it as much about translation as maths ability...

23 May 2023

Can our panel find x and y in this exam question...

23 May 2023

What do students think about having to learn maths until they're 18?

10 March 2023

What processes make planets spherical and mountains pointy?

10 January 2023

What is number sense and why is it so imporant to have?

22 November 2022

where does our atmosphere end and outer space begin?

22 November 2022

How have we travelled faster than light to see the big bang?