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24 August 2021

Difficult question? Wait until you hear this simple analogy

27 July 2021

How high you need to go, if at all, to experience microgravity...

29 June 2021

What force makes duct tape stick to a wall?

14 June 2021

Will a can of soda dropped in the ocean sink until it implodes, or float once it reaches equilibrium?

08 June 2021

Is it true that every single snowflake is unique?

20 April 2021

We look at this exciting question

16 March 2021

Why aren't all batteries rechargeable?

09 February 2021

Assuming there are a finite number of musical notes, how many years until no more music could be created?

26 January 2021

Would a more massive Earth make it harder to launch rockets into space?

17 November 2020

If 300 years ago one person had a certain surname, how many people could have that surname today?

25 August 2020

"Why do particles go to the centre in a bucket of water?" This is the question we're tackling this week...

28 July 2020

This round's on the internal world - how many questions can you answer?

28 July 2020

Test yourself on these physics facts and space head-scratchers!

07 July 2020

What magic do coffee granules possess that's absent in packet soup?

26 May 2020

Do electrons leave their atoms for form electric current?

17 March 2020

Will we have fusion power plants soon?

05 March 2020

And how dangerous are they?

05 March 2020

Particle physicist Chris Rogers took on this huge question...

25 February 2020

Will it sterilise the sponge?

24 January 2020

What happens if the Earth's magnetic field ever reverses its polarity? Geologist John Underhill explains...

07 January 2020

There's debate on our forum over how to muffle a chainsaw...

07 January 2020

Are there ways to improve them to generate more renewable energy?

07 January 2020

If light is sometimes a particle and sometimes a wave, would two rays bounce off each other or pass through?

07 January 2020

And which are the best sequences to pick?